Monday, January 25, 2010

New Life

Last night i accompanied Ocky Saka to go to Mardi Grass, Citraraya. He and his band, Dixie performed in there. It was awesome. They were perfomed 4 songs, and i loved the Nidji one. You did it well brother!! I love the arrangement.

Anyway, that night become my New Life. I came to the new atmosphere, knowing band player. Weew.. It was kewl!! Before, i'm not friendly enough with the band player, becoz of their brutality style. But, i see the different side of them when i met all the Dixie's members. They have their own style. Good job guys! LANJUTKAN!!!

and here they are. . .

grabbed from their Facebook Page

Zaka as Vocalist and Tambourine Player
Sam as Guitarist and Another String Instrument Player
VeriJoe as Guitarist
Gimbar as Drummer and Percussion Player
Yan as Bassist
Ocky as Pianist and Electro Sense Maker

So, go  make them as one of your idol !! It's Worthy !

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