Saturday, July 24, 2010

Strawberry Cafe

I'm sooo xcited today! Bcoz i have been go to playground to accompany my nephews, Farhan and Rafi. They were so happy also. After 2 hours, we're back to home. And i take a bath. Then i watched TV and i got a recommendation for hangout place. A cafe. Called Strawberry Cafe. There are 400 boardgames that we can played for free. Aww.... I haven't go there yet, but i'm sure it will be fun if i could go there! So, i asked my boyfriend to go there. Woohoo.. Can't wait!!

Here are what they have :

1. Nasi goreng strawberry
Strawberry Special unique menu. Fried Rice ala Thai cooked with herbs Tom Yam Gong, Spicy meatballs, chicken and sausage Smoke Bali Titiles, mixed with a sweet Strawberry Sauce and Strawberry Fruit Pieces.

2. Surabi super supreme
Surabi Contents BBQ Chicken, Sausage, Egg Chicken, Smoked Beef, Beef Pepperoni, Mushroom, Beef Salami, BBQ Sauce, Special Mayonaise.

3. Surabi double ice cream strawberry
Cooked with Wood Special Aroma. Contains Surabi with 2 Scoop Ice Cream Strawberry Strawberry Saos soft and sweet.

4. Surabi chocolate on fire
Unique Dessert menu and Luxurious way they are presented. Melted chocolate is poured first, so fall down like a fountain until Strawberrynya covered by Chocolate, Rum and then poured the fire so the fire burned all flows so that the smell permeated with Strawberry Chocolate.

5. Strawberry valentine
Strawberry Fruit Juice drinks are blended with fresh milk mixed with yogurt Freshmilk Import.

6. Strawberry wine
Spectacular drinks and extraordinary presentation way with performances of volcano eruption that emits smoke and fog Red crystal ball from under 30cm tall drinks. Fresh Strawberry Fruit mix and milk Freshmilk processed together with Red Wine and Wine Feels Delicious.

7. Russian Roulette

Are You Ready To Play ?
With 12 Shots Glass Grazzy Taste of Strawberry Juice
Spin and Shot. Unique Taste will Blow You !
Are You Still Alive

8. Strawberry Blueberry
Strawberry Fruit with a mixture of choice mixed with fresh-fresh fruit Fresh Blueberry USA Import and added with sugar caramel.

So, what are you waiting for ?? Just go !! See ya there :)

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