Tuesday, May 01, 2012

My New 'Baby' ; KALILA


Hello my beautiful ukhti. How do you do ? I'm doin great here because i have a new 'baby', named ; KALILA. No no.. Not a real 'baby'. Kalila is a label for my new clothing line. Since i decided to resign from my previous job, i creating my baby, Kalila. Kalila has meaning beloved or it also could be faithful friend. So i wish Kalila wil be my beloved and faithful endless friend. Here is the logo :

Quite cute, rite? :p

Kalila was a month year old. She was already producing many motive of Chiffon Shawl and we already doin a fun photoshoot. And here are the sneekpeek :


You can see Kalila's Collection on her website www.KalilaStore.tk

See ya my beautiful ukthi...


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