Friday, August 17, 2012

Floral + Wire Words DIY Project (Repost)


Since i think about to take my business seriously, am searching any idea for Kalila Store's future bazaar decoration. I love vintage things and am too perfectionist but too lazy to do some DIY thing. But when am blogwalking to A Beautiful Mess blog by Elsie and Emma, i agree with myself to do "Floral + Wire Words DIY Project" from their post.

DIY Wire Words (A Beautiful Mess)

Want to decorate your space with a special oversized word? Here's a fun and budget-friendly DIY project that will help you customize your space!  

Flower + wire words steps
1. Supplies Needed: Thick floral wire, Wire cutters, Hot glue, Small silk blooms and fabric cut into long 1/2 inch strips. (note- you don't need floral tape) 2. Use multiple layers of wire to shape large letters. Our letters are about 13 inches tall. Mimic your favorite font (ours is modeled after "Strangelove") or create your own cursive word. 3. Using hot glue on the ends, wrap the wire letters completely with fabric strips. This will make them much easier to glue to and cover any sharp wire edges. 4. Carefully use hot glue to adhere silk blooms around the entire front surface of the letters. When you are done, go back and add more flowers to certain spots to give it a fuller appearance.
Flatten and reshape your letters before displaying. 
DIY Wire Words (A Beautiful Mess)
Enjoy your new statement piece! We made ours for our studio. XO. Elsie 

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