Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pennant Rubber Stamp Roller

While at the hardware store the other day, this seam roller caught my eye. It’s a tool for wallpapering.Then, from my kitchen junk drawer, I dug up a grocery store produce rubber band and a new project was born. A pennant rubber stamp roller!
I cut the band and measured it to fit around the roller without stretching.Then trimmed one side straight and marked off the tops of my banner for the tops of the pennants, and drew a string line close to the edge to keep the pennants connected.Along the bottom, I marked in between the top mark measurements for the bottom corners of the pennants.Using a very strong spray adhesive, I adhered the strip of rubber to the roller.I trimmed out the triangles along the bottom of the band with my Xacto knife to create the pennants.I dug out my stamp pads and with several practice runs on scrap paper- I was ready to roll. Curve your roller as you slowly go to get a great draping effect. I was only able to get one really good length of pennants per inking. It also helped if after inking my roller I wiped off the edge of the wood rollers to prevent those edges from accidentally printing above or below the pennants.Use a pennant roller to add a sweet message to a letter, or a nice message on a shipping package.

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